I can't tell you when or why I started fiddling with little trees. I know it was about the time my marriage started to come undone so maybe I was looking for something to fill a void or distract me from real life. I CAN recall the first time I saw a bonsai tree; Mr. Miyagi and Daniel-san were screaming "BONSAIII!!!!" on the living room television.

I'm not sure I have the best environment or climate; I'm sure I'm not the most patient man in the hobby, but I can say that this art has more than filled a void. It has become a bigger passion than I thought it would become as the further into the rabbit hole I've ventured, the shorter it seems I've traveled. I'm learning all the time from books, magazines, youtube videos, and especially the bonsainut forum.

My ex told me that I'd never meet a nice girl by playing with little plants in the backyard yet the new love of my life told me "you had me at bonsai" so I'm happy to share whatever I know with her and trust her trained artistic eye.

Because I'm young still, I've no qualms with the notion that I've much to learn. Thankfully, I've much time left on this Earth to do so. I'll try to document my findings and projects here as best I can. I make mistakes and rush procedures sometimes. Hopefully from year to year there is a progression of our creations and techniques as well as the ability to properly document them.

If you've read this far, I'd be honored to have you join/follow my blog and will gladly return the favor if you're in the blogosphere. Also, PLEASE leave a comment if you have a moment. I just like good conversation. I'll never shy away from critique either.

Wishing you plentiful back-budding,


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