Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Trident Forest


A while ago I started this trident forest at a RBS meeting. Here's how it started off:

Over the years, I lost a tree here and there. Luckily I always have trident whips growing for just this reason. Well other reasons too but this reason too. 

Here's how it looks today. Overgrown and it has no shape yet.

As shown here, some of these need to come out or be repositioned. That will happen this year when I repot before bud break. I'll also be cutting this down this winter time. Not only but also for storage reasons. 

I should weed more. 

Here's a little group of 5 I have growing through a CD. I believe it'll need one more year until I can separate the roots proper from roots that will self-air layer above the disc. 



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