Friday, August 11, 2017


I've always appreciated Root over rock compositions. Hell there was once a root over RUIN composition on bnut that may have helped shaped my method on this one. SO anyways, as I try to find as many ways to use the trident whips I buy each year from Matt, kaedebonsai-en on ebay, I decided to give this method a go. It's not hard and if you've already clicked the link to bnut, you're ahead of me.

But I did pop a 36" PVC pipe into the ground in the back yard. I filled that tube with my typical deciduous mix; lava, pumice, akadama, and bark fines, and planted this little guy in there.

But that sucker died due to lack of water. 
The end. 

No, not really. Since this area of the backyard gets water from newly installed irrigation, it's much easier to care for the "grow out" section of my collection. Replanted a whipp and this time topped it off with sphagnum moss to insulate and retain more life-saving water. I'll pull it this april and see how far along the roots are. Guess it's time to find a decent rock or mini statue. 

Will update when I pull it out to inspect the roots. (Apologies for the green on green)



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