Wednesday, April 1, 2015

20 whips

I've a patch of ground in my backyard that is neglected. It receives dappled afternoon sunlight and direct sunlight as the as the sun slips past the horizon. It's been begging for a purpose and following last month's bonsai meeting, it finally got its day.

I picked up what I thought was 20 whips, trident maples, bare-rooted and wrapped in moist sphagnum. It turned out to be 18 bc 2 were twin trunked.. At $40, as they were all in there 3rd year, I considered it a fair price.

Here's what I ended up doing:

I put a dozen in the ground after threading them through old DVDs. This is the only time I've ever used an Adobe disc in my life.

One was planted into a PVC pipe filled with soil. I read about this somewhere over the recent years. The goal is to grow roots that are long and conducive to placing over a stone late on. Probably next year.

Finally, at the suggestion of Mach5 and the visual tutorial by smoke from bonsainut, I put these 5 through a board to form a clump style.

Why the planting through the CDs and board? Good question. The goal is to have the trident trunk swell from a good year of growing or maybe 2. At this time the base will begin to swell and effectively groundlayer itself. Leaving behind radial nebari and a swollen base. That's the plan anyways. I've seen it done online, now we attempt to recreate.
And now the waiting game. 


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