Monday, March 23, 2015

Ursula Update

This post features one of our first digs, Ursula. When it was dug we thought it was a hornbeam only to later find out it was a red maple. Easiest dig to date with no tap root to be found as it was growing in the mud by a stream.

Some History

This weekend the wife and I worked to carve down some of the heavy dead wood on top and get it into a smaller pot with more suitable free draining soil:

To remove this soil, I simply shook entire tree over my grow bed and the particles fell out quickly.

Not bad for growing in turface/pumice/chicken grit.

 I like to employ excellent help when repotting larger trees like this one.

If you can spot the pieces of my fingers left behind I'll send you a free bag of akadama.

Far from finished having dropped so many branches but this view gives an idea of where we are aiming with this material. 

Cheers, B.

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