Monday, March 31, 2014

Yamadori Sunday

Big weekend for bonsai!

Having boogie oogie oogie'd Saturday night at a friend's wedding, Sunday morning came early!

It was a lovely day of 50 degrees with a constant cold rain. A lovely day to dig. I wish to keep this post shorter rather than longer. I was unable to take many pictures because of the rain, and the mud.

Tree number 1:

Japanese Black Pine. About 6 feet worth!

I whipped up a grow box of approximately 2' x 2' out of treated fence planks.

Mostly pumice amended with lava and akadama.

Tried to take as many roots as was possible.

Profile of the side.

Decent movement, huh?

Pretty wiped in this picture but it's done.

Tree number 2:

This is a large chinese quince. I hadn't gone to the location to pick this up but when the owner offered it to me, I would have been crazy to turn it down. Either I dug it, or he'd take a chainsaw to it.

This quince was probably about 12 - 15 feet when I found it. The gentleman who allowed me to dig it had it stuck in a grow box for about 15 years. When I got to it, the grow box was destroyed and the quince had massively twisted roots encased in the wooden remnants as it escaped into the ground. I took off a great deal of thick roots on this tree. Lucky, there were many fine roots still in the grow box full of turface and peat. I hadn't expected to take two trees. I'm very thankful for the opportunity. I've much work to do. 

If you don't have a reciprocating saw, you are doing it wrong! No seriously, when collecting, this tool saves so much time. Pardon the toys in the yard. I'm a family man.

There she is!

This tree has some fused branches and unattractive qualities to hide or incorporate. It will be a fun challenge to get this guy into shape.

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Hey Bernard, this is Nathan from GBGH. Just checking out your blog; man you have some nice stuff!
Tried leaving you a message on Bonsai Nut, but your inbox is full. Hit me up on there, my user name is cbroad.