Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Juniper re-re-redesign

This is an update on this juniper: here.

I swear one day I'll finish this damned tree. In the meantime, I unwired it over the summer to let it gain strength and grow freely. Last night I rewired some branches and tried to fill in some bald spots.

The idea was to compact the design. I removed as little foliage as possible as I plan to repot in spring.

Before / After:

I believe this tree will benefit form some more open spaces and some shari up the trunk to add visual interest.

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Edit 12/13/13

Wasn't happy with the finished product. Asked some friends online for direction and continued to refine this image last night. I haven't finished the jins nor started the shari, but for now I believe we're in a much better place. Let me know what you think in the comments?

This one is shown with a heavy back branch covered. I'm leaving it on for health reasons.

Though I plan to remove it, this is the tree with the back branch exposed. What do you think?

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