Friday, November 15, 2013

Maple Update

The last time this tree was posted was here.

Aside from some leaf burn, it's had a good season and threw new branches every which way to offer new options. This post will be a quick one. As the leaves were falling off, I defoliated to get better access to the branches. Made some selections and cut the unnecessary branching off. Wired and placed branches.

The nebari is beyond repair, especially because this is going to be planted at a new angle. Ground layering is the only option I see. This coming spring, the pot bound tree will be lifted and planted into an anderson flat at the desired new angle. The tree will be ring barked and dusted with rooting hormone as a new root pad is forced from the trunk. Though shorter, the tree will be more powerful and rooted for the experience. As my friend JudyB from bonsainut says, " go forward, sometimes one must go back..."


Ugly roots are ugly!

 New planting angle

And a 360:

Until next time!

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