Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Shohin Pyracantha

In the recent past I've been more and more interested in shohin trees. With these smaller guys, the devil is in the detail as the minuscule size will accentuate any flaws present on the finished bonsai tree. They also happen to be much easier to handle and come at a more friendly price. So I've set out this time of year to pick up some suitable shohin stock from local nurseries.

Got this from the Great Big Green House for a discounted price. You gotta love this time of year if for nothing else the cheaper stock.

Took some advice from Brian Van Fleet of and gave it the old chop since he's told me about their resilience to bonsai technique and propensity to backbud. I hear they're like weeds, akin to elms.

I was going to make a slew of cuttings but since the season would make that much more difficult and the plant stock is relatively cheap... picking my battles this time.

Here's some before and afters:

Is there a tree in there somewhere?


Set phasers to chop.

Ahh yes. There it is. 

Something along these line is what I'm thinking. In spring, this is repotted in something small yet not final, fed well and continuously pruned for shape and balance. Will be updated then. 

A thanks goes out to BVF for his information and inspiration.

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