Monday, July 1, 2013

Pictures from Maymont

I took the girls to Maymont Park in Richmond, VA this Sunday. We spent some time visiting the farm animals, talking strategy for fighting a Bobcat, learning about and touring the Maymont Mansion, but mostly enjoying the beautiful landscape. I took hundreds of pictures. I thought it appropriate to share the ones that will serve as inspiration when working on our trees.

Captions below photos:

This mammoth cedar welcomes us from the parking lot. 

His brother waited for us later on that day. 

Interesting deadwood was boundless. 

 This Arborvitae reminds us how a natural jin may look.

Some massive nebari on old magnolia trees. 

I loved the pine on the right especially.

Natural deciduous form.

This spruce was so tall. I wish I had a human in the frame for scale. 

This is the largest Taxus Cuspidata I've ever seen!

I thought this shape was so pleasing. 

Another record, this is the biggest holly I've seen. 

Take a look at this stunning lace leaf maple. 

Some stoned ladies by the fountain.

Some peaceful cones on a spruce. 

This 100 acre property was mostly empty fields of farmland before the missus of the estate began designing and planting (with help of course) all of these non-native species. If you're able, it's well worth the trip out there for lovely inspirations.

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