Thursday, May 16, 2013

Privet Hard Pruned

Picked this guy up for $5 in the TLC section of a local nursery. I reduced it from about 3.5 ft to 10 inches, reduced the roots and potted it up in this pond basket. This was all about in January and I tucked it against the house, under an overhang, protected from winds with old leaves. As the temperatures increased, it started to throw buds but mostly on on side. I don't have any shots of the bush how I bought it. Here is the earliest picture I took.

For $5 and rough care, I didn't really expect much out of this privet. That's because I had no idea how privets respond to torture. These things are STRONG growers.

Over the last 5 or 6 warm weeks has treated this privet kindly. I have learned that they tend to push  ginormous leaves when fertilized heavily but fertilize I must until I have everything in place. Here's how I found the tree yesterday afternoon.

This is what I considered the front until the foliage started to fly:

New front since it showed more of the trunkline:

Carnage shot:

After the trim-up:

I selected what branches I thought I would keep for the final design and hacked the rest. Privet are seemingly so vigorous that I expect plenty of back-budding even back to the trunk. Most areas were cut back to 2 to 4 leaves as I'll want to start the ramification process early on this shohin sized tree. 

I'll update as this responds to the treatment. 

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