Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Killing in the name of..


I've been grumpy. In a bonsai rut. The material that I want to work with is out of my price range and the material in my price range is not what I want to work with. As I'm waiting for 10 or so hornbeam stumps to grow branches and watching sub par trees fill up my benches, my frustration gets the better of me and I start wanting to get my hands in some foliage badly.

I talked to a bonsai buddy of mine who said when he gets in a rut, he goes and buys a cheap garden center plant and puts it through some intense abuse. He doesn't care if the tree lives or dies. It's only purpose is cheap therapy. So I tried that the other night with a future-less juniper on my bench. I got it my first year in the hobby and never knew what to do with it. I pinched it in springs and it filled out with some rangy foliage that I have decided will never amount to much. Because I didn't care much for the material, I didn't even honor it with proper photography. I threw on some 70s music and attacked this poor defenseless fellow with extreme prejudice. Any mistakes didn't matter. There was no plan. Hell, I even used copper wire just to add to insult. I give this guy about a 10% chance to survive.

I actually did repot it into something an 8 inch bulb pan so it'd take up less room. That's right. 2 insults in one hour. So while this may be a waste of material. Goodness did it help. 

Edit: here's a proper photograph for your troubles.

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