Sunday, May 5, 2013

Back at the Arboretum

Went back up to DC for the PBA show on the 3rd. Took the Friday off of work and suffered the injurious traffic of the Northern Virginia corridor accompanied by Jessica and Randi from the club. What I saw this year was similar to last year's show almost exactly.

The vendor's area is always the first stop. Perhaps it's because I'm more selective or perhaps showing up 2 hours after the stands opened was the reason, but I was not overly impressed with most of the mid range selection. There was plenty of very young and wanting material for 35 - 50 bucks and some great material north of 500 but not much in the middle which is where I was hoping to shop for raw material. I think the next time I get a hankering for new stock, like right now, and the funds to back that up, like NOT right now, I'll check out making a trip up to Nature's Way or Meehan's Miniatures. It looks like I'll have to do a bit more traveling or pay for shipping. A few snaps of the vendor's area.

Unable to find material the truly inspired, we took a look at the fine pottery that was available. One of my favorite potters, Dale Cochoy, was there in his usual spot. 

This first one came home because what the girlfriend wants, the girlfriend gets.

I've a bunch more of these but he has these posted and more on his Facebook Page.

Different from our last visit, this trip the benches were full and brimming with life! 

A few trees that stood out to me this go round:

The bark on this crabapple make it sensational.

I found this bark to be very attractive and craggy. 

Randi contemplating her favorite composition; Goshin by John Naka.

This zelkova looked like it needed some refinement, but the trunk was thick as a man's thigh. Perfect nebari.

And some very impressive PBA Member Trees!

Quite the natural Kingsville I thought.

I believe this is PBA president's Steve Miller's tree. It's their current logo and also on a tshirt he was wearing.

This was an idyllic arrangement. It looked so well-prepared that it looked plucked from a story book landscape.

A lovely weeping forsythia. Everyone stopped to admire this beauty and no one had seen anything like it before.

This shohin black pine was also a cherub that we all hoped to see again.

Always great to spend time with and among little trees and little tree people. We did stop by some demos that were mostly empty, never boasting more than 9 viewers but had to resign to hitting the highway to rejoin our families and responsibilities. The ride home was as terrible as the ride up but I plan to do it all again soon. A good day with perfect weather and excellent company. 

Till next time, I wish you plentiful back budding,


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