Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Workshop with Nagatoshi

A few weeks back I attended a BYOT workshop with Roy Nagatoshi. I brought in a contorted juniper I've had in the backyard for years. We stared at it long and hard:

Before deciding to do an approach graft with either kishu or itoigawa next February. The reasoning being that the foliage was too far away from the main trunkline, the branches were far too brittle to move into suitable position, and the foliage on this juniper was never going to live up to the interesting trunk line. So while I was ready to do major bends and surgery, the best bet was to wait. 

Good thing I came prepared with a small maple as a backup project. It's been posted before but here's how it came in. 

I fancy this tree reminiscent of the large trident in the national arboretum; one of my favorite trees of all time:

Roy says that while my tree was shaping itself up nicely, the structure needed major work on the internal branch structure. He made some FAST cuts and left this carnage.

I was hoping for more direction on this particular tree. He did say a new branch should grow to fill in the empty space on the right and I believe it. There are already buds emerging from the cut areas. This maple seems healthy happy and vigorous. Here's the image as was left that day. 

A few more shots of the event form the 23rd:

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