Thursday, April 18, 2013

Casualties of War

Of about 21 collected hornbeam, I've had to admit defeat on the first 3. I'm quite sure these were some of the earliest collected yet I don't attribute the losses to the time of year but rather taking too few roots. On the first one, I was too timid with bare-rooting and noticed that the ball of roots that WERE attached were from the forest floor rather than the base. The other two were reduced too far. I could have babied them more and brought the root ball in closer over time, but I am short on space. Not so much patience. I've learned from my endeavor and I'm happy to boast an 86% success rate.

The photo shows the stumps on their way to the rubbish. What fine roots WERE attached have been pulled off during pot reclamation and 4-year-old exploration.

Everything else is pushing red buds and tiny leaves. Will update when I'm positive they have made it past their infancy in pots.



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