Friday, April 5, 2013

A Few Small Pots

Jess and I spent a good portion of last weekend at Bob and Todd's looking at their collection and watching my friend and mentor Mark repot his massive Live Oak (sorry for not taking pictures).

These are two pots we brought back; each with a story.

B&T have a few different greenhouses, one of which house hundreds of pots. On the left wall, they keep their private collection and on the right they have pots for sale.

We looked over the collection unaware that they were not for sale... Jess found this Chinese pot with an interesting glaze on it. It's not something I would have been drawn to but it was the ONLY thing she wanted to take home. When I asked about a sale price, we learned about the private collection and Jess' heart sank.


Later on I was walking with Todd and came back to discuss some juniper whips. Jess was standing close by holding her favorite pot in hand; smiling ear to ear.

"Look what Bob gave me!!!"

Those guys sure know how to make fans for life. I hope they enjoyed the Oatmeal caramel cookies she sent as a thank you. This one is about 9 x 6 x 2

 On the "for sale" wall I spotted this round pot at about 8 inches. More muted and more my style, I took it home for a low price and later found out that it was made by Nick Lenz. I think I bought a pot and wound up with an investment as the famous artist no longer makes bonsai pottery.

A great trip and a great bonsai weekend.

Since it's yet to be shared, here's a Dale Cochoy pot I have had for about a year yet haven't shared thus far. Also about 8 inches round. I just love the cracked walls and earthy colors.

So while I"m no connoisseur of pottery, I certainly know what I like and will continue to slowly collect pots going forward. I hope to have some trees worthy of these pots in the near future.

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