Sunday, March 24, 2013

Signs of spring 2013

It's the most exciting time of year. With so much collected material about, it's a sigh of relief after having babied this many stumps for so long, to see new buds forming on tapered and twisted trunks. Maples are pushing new leaves. Euonymus trees are already in leaf and budding back nicely. And hornbeams are pushing new baby buds. 

It was such a nice day. A day in which a wild hare found a way up my rear end. (That's such an odd saying, is it not?) After watering the bench with my new Dramm wand, I noticed some pooling of water where I'd rather be standing. A quick trips to Lowe's and a few hours later, I had this pea gravel in place. Now if I can just find the right paving stones to finish the area. 

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