Sunday, March 24, 2013

Juniper Redesign

Yesterday we spent about 4 hours reducing, rewiring and restyling this common juniper. It was purchased a year ago at the PBA event at the arboretum in DC. After the initial styling, it was very clear that my styling abilities left much to be desired. Here it is as purchased and after the first styling.

Having shared this tree on the forums, the idea to stand this tree up more and reduce the amount of branches. I let it sit and gain strength for a year until last night. 

Here was the offered virtual image of this tree on which we based our design:

Lovely ain't it? 

It was unwired in mid summer leaving this image where we started on it yesterday. 

After some carnage:

And here's the final product. She still needs some filling in at the top, but I'm much more pleased with the shape and size of the tree. With much less foliage, the trunk seems much more powerful.

On  a side note, I'm trying to step up my bonsai photographing game. I hope to acquire a black backdrop in the very near future. Thanks for checking in. 

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