Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Maple acquisition

I picked this up at the club last night. An artist was liquidating his stock because he was moving. I got it for a what I thought was a fair price. It's a decent start. Its biggest flaw is in those two wicked pruning scars on the front. It was sealed with that black tar stuff. I'd rotate it, to hide them, but the tree's curvature seems to suggest this as the front. I have 3 plans thus far:

1. Clean up the scars with a dremel to make them concave. Scar the edges of the wounds. Seal with (non-black) wound sealant. Early spring I believe.
2. Choose a branch to allow to lengthen to take a cutting from.
3. Make 2 in arch graft to balance nebari next year from cuttings.

What do you think?

Front, Right, Back Left.

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