Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yamadori Hornbeam

During the "winter" this year, I snatched a hornbeam from the woods nearby. My picture dates tell me this happened on the 27th of January. The temps were so warm it felt closer to late February or early March. I didn't know if I took enough roots as the root ball ended up being mostly from other trees nearby. A tangled mess I tell you. I bare-rooted it and potted it up in mostly turface and a bit of pine bark. I had written the stump in the corner of my deck off as a lost cause until this morning when I noticed it had been pushing buds all over the place. And especially close to the top where a new leader is already forming. Success! 


Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to this Hornbeam? Can you share any additional notes and photos? I have a very similar situation....I think.....I have a trunk with one only one bud at the top like this. No lower trunk buds at all.

Anonymous said...

Further clarification. I see that your tree produced several buds on the trunk....mine has one bud at the top...that's all. I am interested in how you developed the new leader transition.