Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Hinoki

Sleep was scarce so my words will follow suit. Picked up a Koster's False Cypress. Also labeled as a Hinoki Cypress. It was a clusterfudge of tight pillows of the most luxurious foliage. I could really get into hinokis if it wasn't for the copious amount of pinching required each season. I hacked away quite a bit and still think it could be lighter. This tree is definitely one that does not translate well to a 2D picture. 


I learned a lot about Hinokis. Mainly how daunting the task of wiring them is. And my studies have taught me more still. I am most likely going to chicken out and not repot it this spring unless I read elsewhere that two major insults will not harm it. I know Vance Wood has done a hinoki workshop in the heat of summer where he reduced, wired, and repotted and the tree survived. The after care that professionals can offer is far different from those of us stuck at work and not with our beloved trees all day. 

Matty brought back a mystery tree from his vacation as a collecting experiment. It didn't have many roots when it was potted up in winter but it is actually pushing buds right now. We'll see what it is soon enough.

Hinoki are difficult to keep happy. I think the greatest quote about Hinoki is this:

"Everyone should have a hinoki in their collection. But no more than one."

-Unknown/Forgot who it was

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Matthew McNeil said...

Pretty work on the cypress, crazy hobby you picked up, but cool.