Friday, March 9, 2012

Random Forum Post

This is a post I really liked on BonsaiNut. It was made by one; Attila Soos.

Well said. Very well said.

Beautiful trees.
Now I put on my Dr. Phil hat, and conclude that your affair with bonsai was like a steamy love affair. They always have a short shelf-life, because they lack moderation. It grew too fast, too big, in too short of a time.

This should be a warning for the new bonsai enthusiasts. Start slow, think long-term, and don't let the hobby throw your life out of balance. It's not about trying to beat your neighbor or club member in who has the best collection. It's about playing and having fun with trees. I started 19 years ago, and took me many years before I've found that balance. But slowly it became part of who I am, and now it takes no effort anymore. It's like eating, or working out.

If your trees take too much effort to maintan (such as having to move them around in your backyard, or needing too much special treatment to keep them alive), sooner or later bonsai becomes a burden. So, one has to find a system (number and size of trees, species, watering, etc.) that makes the hobby effortless.

Sorry for the rant..
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And one more from Brian Van Fleet:
Advice? Read everything you can get your hands on, contemplate your trees, take your time. Think in terms of seasons and years, not weeks and months. Everyone has an opinion; listen to people whose trees you appreciate.

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