Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nursery Crawl

Went to the Gardener Nursery for the RBS event. There weren't too many people that showed up; 5 in total. In fairness, the day was a pretty rotten one to be outside searching through 1000s of potensai. I only picked up an azalea which has since been chopped down. It had a 'meh' trunk but the nebari was interesting. I'll update when it starts to break buds back.

Thomas had a bit more to pick up. He went home with a truck FULL of materials. At least a few of which I was jealous. If not for my budget and desire for larger material, plus all the junipers I have in my back yard, I would have picked a few more up. Here's the nursery crawl winner:

I left this nursery to pick up my yew when it started POURING! Another time.

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