Monday, March 19, 2012

Mugo Pine

Firstly, in an 18th century encyclopedia, there was a typo that spelled mugo as 'mugho' and from there the misspelling is still being used often..

All that aside, I did pick up a mugo recently. It is an exciting experiment. They prefer more water than most pine, have shorter needles, are amazingly flexible, and can handle lots of work at one time. Mugos are also the only pine that like to get root work and transplanting in the dead heat of the summer.

As this is my first attempt at styling a pine, I'm planning to take it to the next meeting for some ideas.

Here's some shots:

pardon the ravioli.

I don't think the picture does the size of the trunk much justice. This IS a 3 gallon pot. For only $21.99 it was a steal. I went back and no other mugo had as good a trunk. Maybe the thickness, but bone straight. I've cleaned the branches and pulled back a bunch of soil. There is an interesting knot at the base. Adds character. Since this plant loves summer work, I'll wait for now to get to heavy into it. I picked up a nursery Hinoki Cypress. That will be tonight's fun project. 

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