Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Golf Course Air Layer

Check out the kotohime: I'm looking forward to bending some branches in the winter time. 

I picked up a few issues of Bonsai Today. When I was at Dan's house, he had an extensive library of articles from magazines. One that I'd like to duplicate.

Last thing is this:
Today I went to the driving range and started an air layer on a large Juniperus Chinensis Torulusa. The owner said he didn't mind if I took a branch and wished me good luck. Something tells me he knows about trees. The trees on the property are all cut up in a very japanese manner. One day I'll post some pics. Here's the lucky branch. The live vein didn't go completely around. I hope it works out. If it did, I'd have no issue in asking for more. I used bubble wrap to cover the moss but I'm not sure it'll make a difference. I'm going to try and keep it moist by visiting the range every week at least once... Darn. Pics:  

Till next time.

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Dougs bonsai n scale models said...

Yeh hope turns out for you it should do!, be a nice shape of shimpaku iv mainly got chinesse sargentii shimpaku look forward to seeing it