Monday, February 20, 2012

Sargent Juniper styling day

A while back I went to a local nursery and picked up 4 1 gallon sargent junipers. Little trees that don't have massive trunks but they are twisted up and have some potential. I'm using them as trees to practice styling with so I have a better handle on things when I go to attack the big boys.

I have an idea what i want to do but will be posting it on bonsain to ask for a second opinion. I hope they respond but if not I'll hop in and start wiring. That always yields something and I guess finding the tree for yourself has merit. But what I've seen repeatedly is skilled artists ask for a community opinion before committing. It's most times to get the community to agree with them because the artist rarely changes his min
d after looking at the same tree for so long. It's harder to look at a picture online and get the "feel" for what the tree wants to be. I believe that you have to get your hands on the branches to learn a tree. Pruning before wiring is often when I find out what the tree wants to become.

Here are some before pics:

With such a small trunk, it obviously needs to be condensed. And I liked the cascade idea since I decided on this front and planting angle. It was 90 degrees counter-clockwise and about 60 degrees pointed away from where it is now. This happened next.

I wired the single lower branch because I wanted to bring it forward to better visualize.

I'll update this post later.
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