Tuesday, February 28, 2012

RBS Meeting

Last night was the meeting where we learned about grafting pines from Peter Jones of Northern Virginia Bonsai Society. It was a great lesson and even moreso, a great meeting. We had 4 brand new visitors to the club. I brought home 2 grafts. One arakawa (jap white pine) and one (bansho?) i forget but I'll have someone remind me soon enough and I'll edit. Great lesson. I can directly apply it to the shimpaku grafts I plan on doing in the near future.

So for now the pines are in indirect sunlight protected from the wind. The grafts should take in 10 days or so but then I'll leave the rubber bands on until they disintegrate some time in July.

I also picked up a pot from one of the members on an impulse buy. I loved the texture and color of it. It looks masculine and rugged. The potter's name is Dale Cochoy out of Ohio.

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