Friday, February 17, 2012


I started my bonsai journey in June of 2011 and I still to this day have no clue where the interest came from. True to form, I jumped in head first and was wiring a tree before I knew why or how to wire a tree. I bought a couple ready-made trees and let them die quickly. With a budget in mind, I've gathered what tools and materials I need to work on most trees but there are always new and better so I keep my eye out for a good deal. Like most beginners, I wound up with mostly junipers because it is still difficult to kill them; though try I might. I've always had a passion for my grass and landscape and this hobby is so full of reward and so rich in history; it's my new favorite way to pass time. I spend as much time as I can spare reading and watching about the subject so let's hope it starts to sink in soon.

I've already amassed more than a couple trees but rather than introduce them all, I'm going to only go forward with this blog. The past is unrecorded by this blog, but as I continue to work on trees, I'll introduce them slowly. Or not. Some things are better left hidden on the bench.

As a monument, here is me wiring the first tree I ever worked on using what tools I had in my garage and whatever I could find at Lowe's that evening. Including the copper wire, which was not annealed, and had to be stripped from its casing.

Welcome to the Grasshopper's Bonsai Blog

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