Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just practicing

Matty came by and we forgot to lift weights in favor of working on some trees. It's been unseasonably warm and experts are all disagreeing on whether repotting is appropriate yet. I tend to side with the less patient of the experts because it's been boring all winter!
You won't believe the amount of roots in the pots of the junipers I posted last time. There was very little soil in there at all. Just a thick matted mass of roots. They were so tangled that I couldn't take them all out and make them neat without taking off 80% of the root ball. So then, I did some "semi-slip" pottings in hopes that in a year they will be more agreeable to being combed out. I don't believe I'll be putting these guys in pot any time soon. I'll probably wait 5 years to start reducing. So, they are going to be allowed to grow in a giant grow pot for the next few.

After that, we stayed up far too late to be a work night wiring up and doing some basic stylings on some junipers. I was gnot really planning on doing any work but we were kind of in the groove. This juniper found its shape in a record time. I normally have to focus on this kind of stuff for hours and hours but I suppose this one either was close, was obvious, or maybe my eye is improving. Remember, I'm just practicing here. Please disregard the timing of this work. I fear if I spend the first 3 years "wait" "wait" waiting I'll lose interest. Here's the rough shape. I'll do some refinement when it settles into its pot and starts pushing new growth.

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