Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Foiled Again!

I posted about my juniper on the Richmond Bonsai Society (RBS) and on bonsai nut and both times I was told to wait and focus on the growth. Jonas K from RBS suggested 2 years until I do anything to it. I was laying in bed sleepless last night considering these suggestions. I'm starting to think it's a better path to start by learning about plant health. Kind of like learning the basics first. Walk before you run. The crawling of bonsai is learning how to keep a tree alive:

i.e.; watering, fertilizing, pruning and waiting

I feel like Jonas only answers 1/3 of my questions so I'm forced to lose sleep and fill in my own blanks. Very Old Master of him. Maybe I'll make him a bleach bonsai t-shirt for the next meeting.

Speaking of meetings, I'm going to see Julian and Bill V on Saturday and I'm so excited I could spit. It's exciting to get some actual instruction with other folks standing by and a legend like Bill there for guidance in designing a shimpaku literati. I favor both the shimpaku and the literati styling so this should be fun.


In other news the snow is quickly melting and I believe we are finally entering and staying in Spring. There is much to do around the garden and I'm excited to start repotting and doing some root work on my guys. The temptation to add to the collection is great right now. Especially going to shows and seeing good material. ... ........

But I'm supposed to be crawling.

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